Why buy the Alpha Dog ETF?

Did you know that there has been a seismic shift in asset allocation that can’t be ignored?  The bond market has been in a secular Bull market since 1982, interest rates have been coming down  and bond values have been rising for 40 years and this has made bonds a safe and secure part of […]

Are we in a bear market?

In the words of Joe Strummer and Mick Jones: “should I stay, or should I go?”  The market has provided plenty of mixed signals over the past three months and likely will continue to confuse and scare many investors in March.  No one knows for sure what the direction of the market will be, but […]

Alpha Dog ETF – 2022 Outlook

2021 ended like a lion for equities, as 2022 is looking like it may be a lamb. Technology stocks continue to sell off after a two-year run of fantastic returns, but they are always in the running to reemerge as market leaders moving forward. Generally, the Indexes did very well, while most active managers struggled […]